Monthly Archives: October 2012

The 5 Ps

I heard a quote this past week that really stuck with me. “Perfect Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”. I am calling it the 5 Ps. As I train for an Ironman there are many others pursuing similar goals. I am not the most gifted athlete, in fact far from it! So I plan to control the […]

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Rest Week – yeah right….

My training program called for a very light week of workouts this week. It is basically 5 tough weeks followed by a soft week, then repeat. Well, I struggle with “soft” weeks, lol. It is difficult to do nothing, I like to be active. It makes me feel like I am missing an opportunity when […]

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Kona World Championships

This was an exciting week for aspiring Ironmen as the world championships were held yesterday in Kona, Hawaii. I had been following the media coverage for a couple of weeks leading up to the race and knew the competitors very well. It is amazing the dedication that these athletes have for the sport that they are […]

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