Huge disappointment


I was scheduled to run a 1/2 Marathon today but had some injury issues earlier in the week. Everything felt fine until Tuesday’s short run when I had acute pain in my left thigh. Not sure what it was but I had to stop right away. I tested it a few more times throughout the week with similar results. My coach thought it might be a magnesium deficiency so I was loading up on pumpkin seeds all week (a good natural source or magnesium). Yesterday I ran for about 10 minutes and thought there may have been some progress so I was hopeful for this morning’s race. After the drive to Ottawa ten minutes into the run there was no way I could continue so I dropped out.

Feeling down and depressed now. I don’t even know what to do to fix the problem. I guess maybe I should be put down like a lame horse.

Usually I say see you at the finish line, not this week as I am a long way from seeing any finish line.

1 Comments on “Huge disappointment”

  1. Take it easy Mike – cheer up! The next run will come up…
    I know the feeling and remember a run last year I had to gave up – had a large blood blister on my foot. It took me a couple of weeks to be able to run again.
    Your body tells you when to stop…
    Take the time to relax and get better soon!

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