Recovery Week and a big hole!

The big hole!!!

The big hole!!!

Big news on the new house front, they started to dig! Jackie drove by there earlier in the week and the back hoe was actively clearing the lot. Earlier today we drove back to Kingston so I could take a closer look. We now have a big hole! I an uncertain when they will be pouring the foundation, but I suspect it will be in the next couple of weeks (weather permitting). After all the meetings and interior choices we went through it is nice to finally see some “actual” progress on the house. 

From an Ironman perspective, coming off last week’s injury I treated this week as something of an “off” week. I did the required bike and swim workouts on the schedule but I substituted extra biking for the planned running miles. This of course was to give my leg some time to heal. By mid week I was running about 10 minutes at time pain free. It is tough to run when you are just waiting for excruciating pain to appear at any moment. You become fixated on each step, wondering if this will be the one. By the weekend I had worked my way back up to 40 minute runs, light ones though, certainly no speed work. My distance travelled during training this week was 184 kms.

See you at the finish line…

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