Final University Tours

The next Steve Jobs?

The next Steve Jobs?

Brandon and I made the final University tour trip this past Friday. We took the train to Toronto to participate in the open house at the University of Toronto. It was a really good day, we were both impressed. We started with a tour of the residences. We went through the three buildings of University College. One of them was old and had a lot of character. It also had grand pianos at the end of each hall, a big bonus for Brandon. The second one was a newer building. The rooms seemed a touch bigger and it also had the main cafeteria for the students. That obviously has benefits to not have to leave your building during the winter months to eat. It was also air conditioned, a rarity for student housing. Some time later today he will have to rank the three buildings. We also toured the Computer Science facilities. They were very current and had many students labs to choose from. It was a multi floor building that was shared with the math students as well. And finally we sat through a lecture from a Computer Science prof. He was an awesome speaker and really had all of the perspective students engaged in the presentation. Brandon is still waiting on a response from the University of Waterloo before he makes his final decision.

I missed a day of training this past week due to the trip to Toronto, can you believe it? I still managed to travel 194 kms during my training this week. I am in a training phase that includes some heavy weight training. I enjoy the weights for a short period of time, but never aspired to be a big weight lifter.

I am reading a great book on weight control for endurance athletes. It is called Racing Weight and I would highly recommend it for those who may be training for an event like I am.

See you at the finish line……..

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