We had an exciting week! Our house officially sold on Tuesday to a family from New Brunswick. We had to endure all of the inspections required. There was a septic inspector and a house inspector all here at the same time. All went well and the buyer waived the final conditions on the offer.  We have to be out of the house by June27th, which poses a problem for us.


I am thinking we will be homeless for about two weeks at best. We cant get into our new house until July 11th, and in conversations with the builder they feel like they are two weeks behind the schedule due to the bad winter we have been having. So we could be homeless for up to a month! I have already made reservations at Hotel McEachern here in Brockville. We will have to store all of our furniture and stuff, not looking forward to that and having to move twice.  Hopefully they can move things forward a bit to minimize the hotel stay.


I have been hit by a flu bug so my training has been hindered. Of course I still trained during the past week, just not at full strength. I travelled 212 kms this past week. Race day for the Ironman is only 12 weeks away now, gulp.


See you at the finish line……


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