Mont Tremblant Weekend

We are finally getting settled into the new house. There are many boxes to still unpack but it feels like we have made progress. We had a lady in earlier in the week to help us out with blinds. There are so many options to pick from! We finally made up our minds and put an order in. We also received our dishwasher, finally, and had that installed. Maybe now my hands can get back to normal after having to do dishes for over a week (1st world problems).

IMG_6963Brittany and I got up early on Saturday morning and headed to Mont Tremblant. Neither of us had been there before and we were definitely impressed. The village is very picturesque and has plenty of shopping available. If you head that way, take your wallet as you will definitely need it, nothing is cheap. Brittany’s race (full Ironman) is four weeks away so she wanted to get some training in on the actually course. They have an Ironman training centre there year round! We both did the bike course (I did one loop 90k and she did two loops 180k). It was challenging course, not surprised in that we were in the mountains. The surprising part is that a good portion of the bike course is on the trans Canada highway! It was super smooth but a bit unnerving to have trucks flying past us doing 120 kms/hr. The following morning we got up early once again and did the swim course. I loved it!!! It was great to have the buoys out so that I could practice my sighting technique. The lake was clean as well, a step up from the Syracuse water we had swam in. After the swim came the run course. It was hilly as well but very pretty. Parts of it were along the lake, past a waterfall, and then down a multi use trail. Overall we had a great weekend of training. IMG_9113

I travelled 199 kms during my training this week. If I had known I was that close to 200 kms I would have went the extra kilometre.

See you at the finish line.



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