Monthly Archives: September 2015

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my father’s birthday! Him and Mom should be here soon for a birthday dinner and I am sure a game of cards. What else do McEachern’s do to celebrate special occasions? I might have to let him win this time, it is his birthday after all. I have been cleaning out the garage, […]

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Fall Means Football

When the cooler weather arrives (and there is no doubt it has arrived) it marks the beginning of the NFL football season. On Thursday night the reigning Super Bowl Cheaters the New England Patriots took on the Steelers. The Patriots were dominant and came out victorious. Generally that is a good thing as the Steelers […]

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Back to School

This weekend marks the beginning of the fall season and time for the kids to go back to school. Brandon spent time late in the week helping his girlfriend Kayla move into her new apartment. She is attending the University of Toronto with him this year. Brandon doesn’t move into his residence until Tuesday. He […]

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