Monthly Archives: October 2016

Can’t swim, can’t ride, can’t run

I like to read inspirational books. There is nothing like relating to the underdog, who comes through in tough conditions. I started reading an Ironman related book this week by Andy Holgate called, Can’t swim, can’t ride, can’t run. He takes the reader through an up and down journey to completing his first Ironman. It […]

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It was a busy Thanksgiving weekend at the McEachern residence. On Friday we awaited both kids getting home from school. I tried to pick Brandon up on Thursday night but got caught in traffic. It took me 2.5 hours to move 10kms on the highway. That was enough frustration for me, I turned around and […]

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The Arrival of Fall

Fall is a great time of year. The temperatures are cooler, the colours are bright, and the football season is in full swing. Oh yes, I can’t forget that all of the fall TV shows have begun as well. I think our PVR still has many episodes from last year, at some point there will […]

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