Monthly Archives: November 2016

Books, Books, and More Books

Reading has always been a priority of mine. I have been averaging 40-45 books a year lately. This past week I finally completed the entire works of Michael Connelly. I have a list of authors, and I read any new book that they put out. Over the past few years I have been adding to […]

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It has arrived!

As I write this blog entry, there is a snowstorm occurring outside my window. Even though I knew it was coming, seeing it happen for the first time this year is still shocking. It was only yesterday that the temperatures were warm enough to ride outdoors, not anymore! It is now time to hibernate until […]

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Training and Suctioning

Fall has arrived and we are all prepared for winter. As soon as out neighbours Ben and Wendy head south, it is time to brace for the long cold season. At least this year we have a new neighbour at the end of our street, but I don’t imagine that means that the city will […]

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