Monthly Archives: January 2018

The Piano Follies

We decided to sell our piano this week. It was purchased many years back as Brandon took lessons. It was not a purchase we ever regretted as he progressed through various levels of the Royal Conservatory program. He is quite good now! Now that he has moved out it has become furniture, rather than an […]

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Facebook Marketing

I have been taking an online course to understand how to market using Facebook. It is a very complicated process with many moving pieces but I think I understand it now. I am able to target marketing of my book to a specific country, age, and gender, with a browsing history of James Patterson fans […]

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Crazy Weather and News!

It has been a few weeks since I updated my blog. I could give excuses about Christmas being busy, work being busy, and lots of training, but why bother. The bottom line is I have been neglecting my blog. Time to get back into the habit! The weather has been really crazy lately. We had […]

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