Brighter Future

no-more-chemo-women-s-hoodieIt has been some time since I posted a new blog entry. Life has not been boring. After a few rounds of chemo my test results were really positive. The doctor decided to skip a round of chemo as I had responded exceptionally well to the previous ones. It was to give my white blood cells a chance to regenerate. About a week ago I did another round of testing. It was the same routine with an MRI, PET, spinal tap, and blood work. The doctor called with the results last week and they were good. Well, better than good. There was no longer cancer cells in my spinal fluid and the forming tumour was almost non-existent. The PET was also clear. I am now on a three month monitor protocol. This means that if all goes well I can enjoy the summer without testing and chemo. It is the best news ever (understatement).

01_Feet_worst_weight_hacks_doctors_stop_following_500736880_nensuriaMy training has been pretty much non-existent for obvious reasons. I made the decision a few weeks back to cancel all of my scheduled races for the summer. It was not an easy decision, but doing long distance races is not something to take lightly and I know I am not physically ready. Now with the great news above I can start to get back to a regular exercise routine. I have to lose some of the weight I have gained throughout this ordeal. I may be the only person in history that gained weight while on chemo! Well, it was a possible side effect, but I think it was more related to my exercise decrease.

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-25 at 2.08.34 PMBrittany has moved into her new house! I spent a bit of time with her in Toronto yesterday unpacking and assembling bedroom sets. It is a really nice place! I think I have seen my future, and it is living in her basement apartment. I get the relative discount. Right? Brandon and Kayla are looking for a new place in Ottawa now. There may be more education in their future and they need to get settled into a new place first.



See you at the next finish line….


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