New Year

2d9724045-tz-biz-101114-turkey-1038a.nbcnews-ux-1024-900The New Year is here and I am trying to settle into a workout routine. The festivities over the holidays were a lot of fun, but they also included lots of food! Time to work some of that food off.

I made it to the pool all three times this past week. Swimming is beginning to feel more natural once again. It is amazing how missing a few sessions really affects your feel for the water. I am not sure my speed is where it needs to be, but I am building a good base.

10252-andy-potts-kona-swim-tips-700x394I struggled last week with a muscular issue in my right calf. It had a negative impact on my running. I could run, but not as long as I would have liked. I ran yesterday pain free for the first time in ten or eleven days. I hope it holds for my planned runs this upcoming  week.

My cycling was indoors (of course) on my trainer. I have been watching a series called Carnival Row while biking. It is nothing special, but it helps to pass the time. I enjoy outdoor biking so much more. It is a long way off.

We are headed off on a beach vacation in a couple of weeks. I am really looking forward to doing a HOT run and an open water swim or two. It will be a good opportunity to wind down and get some extra training miles in.

Last weeks Stats:

Swim 7.1 kms, bike 80.7 kms, run 17.5 kms

Total 104.6 kms

See you at the next finish line….


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