Vacation Prep

It was a long week. I would imagine it was the anticipation of knowing vacation was approaching. Most of the week was spent preparing for the trip. We had to get the house ready for the dog sitters (Thanks Mom and Lorraine!). Laura also was finishing up some painting and them putting away all the paint supplies.

Timelapse_snowAs the weekend approached there was unfavourable weather forecasted. We had to change our departure time from Kingston to try and beat a snowstorm that was approaching later in the day on Saturday. We managed to get to Ajax before it started coming down. We spent a few hours shopping at Yorkdale and then we met Brittany and Rui for lunch. It was nice to get caught up with them. We finally made it to our hotel at the airport, exhausted

iStock_air canada_000051922770_SmallIt was an early morning flight so we were up at 3am. Air Canada had systems issues so we couldn’t do the self-check-in. That meant standing in line. It was frustrating, but we were on vacation so it was easy to let it go. The plane needed to be de-iced and then we were on our way


IMG_4661Cuba was warm! We made it to the resort and headed to the beach to relax. I think that is what we will be doing all week. Eat and sleep on the beach! Well, I did go for a run this morning. I don’t think it is offsetting the food being eaten, but it is a start.

My training mileage was down last week due to trip preparation.

Swim 2.4kms, bike 34.4 kms, and run 11.7 kms.  Total = 47.5 kms.


See you at the next finish line…

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