Young Talent

MK Christmas 2019_Grand Theatre image_960x640Last night we went out to a local choral concert (a Christmas present!). It took place on the base and was a fundraiser for the Kingston Chamber Choir. The choir was joined by special guest Michelle Kasaboski. Michelle is a Queens music student that has made a name for herself singing jazz tunes. It was fun to see such a young talent live.

Baby-its-dark-outsideIt seems dark all the time. When I head to swimming in the morning, dark. When I head to the gym after work, dark. When will see more than a few hours of sunlight? A least we are able to do some walking outdoors as the temperature hasn’t been too cold.

The past week I ran 20.3 kms, biked 71.5 kms, and swam 6.75 kms, for a total of 98.55 kms.

See you at the next finish line….

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