Property Search & Renos

buying-selling-canadian-landWho wouldn’t want a cabin in the woods or on a lake? We started thinking about first steps. We have been scouring the local real estate listings for vacant land. This weekend we drove around and looked at a few of them. It wasn’t a great start as on Saturday we headed down a long, winding, snow-covered road only to get stuck at the end of it when I attempted to turn around! I had visions of living in the van until spring. Luckily, Laura had a bag of old clothes that we strategically placed under the van’s tires and got out of the mess I had gotten us into. The search continued and we found some promising lots. It required walking through knee high snow, but it was fun.

SUMMER2019_Dashi_PageHeaderWe also looked at some options for cabins. I found a company that rents out off-grid tiny cabins. After a couple days of research we booked a couple of days in one of the cabins. It will be a good way to know if we like the experience and want to pursue that as an option on the eventual vacant land.

Laura continues to work hard at re-doing the office in the house. She has ripped out a closet and now we are trying to figure out how to fix and drywall the area.

I was able to do some workouts this weekend as well. I feel like it is an uphill climb to get back to being fit again. I will keep plugging away.

Swim=5.1 kms, Bike=71 kms, Run=21.2 kms. Total=97.3 kms.

See you at the next finish line….

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