Pandemic Post

1_4837302It has been a few weeks since I posted a blog entry. Not much has been happening. That was my attempt at sarcasm. Let’s start with the COVID-19 virus. It has really begun to spread and we are all trying our best to stay home. We have been only making essential trips for groceries and other necessities. Both of us continue to go to work each day. We have been deemed essential as we work at the hospital. So far, there has been a lot of planning. I think the virus will hit its peak in the next couple of weeks. The real fun will begin at that point.

D1028_49_409_1200I finished writing the first draft of my third book. I have a new editor and he is hard at work polishing the draft version. Soon, I will have to work on cover art. I always enjoy the book cover design process as it brings things to life for me. It will still be a couple months before it will be available, but it is coming!


My workouts have been poorer than poor. Like non-existent. Well, this past weekend I did a bike and a run, but that was not the norm. All of the Ironman groups I belong to are thinking that many races will be cancelled this year. At this point it seems like a long shot for the Tremblant half Ironman to go forward in June. Maybe I am being pessimistic, but I think we will still be dealing with COVID. My late season full Ironman in Arizona might have a chance of surviving. It will depend on how bad the US gets hit, or more appropriately, how quick they will recover. Right now no one is travelling anywhere. My local pool is closed as well so there is no swim training to be done. The good news is that triathlon training can be a very solo and isolating endeavour. Seems to match our current environment.

c51fc8f5a68746e1448204a00ed7c6f6_healthy-vector-medical-camp-picture-2289289-healthy-vector-_500-500Oh, I should mention that I had another cancer check-up at Sunnybrook since my last blog entry.  Things continue to look positive. Taking things day by day.

Stay safe and see you at the next finish line….

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