Unplanned Half Marathon

After my disappointment a few weeks back when I couldn’t run my scheduled 1/2 Marathon I thought I would slip one in today. I woke up to yet another snowstorm, will it ever end? After a lengthy drive to Ottawa and a quick warm-up run I was ready to go. The first 10k went really well. I had a good pace going and was feeling good about beating my previous personal best. The next 5k was just ok, I had increased my pace but I was beginning to pay for it. The last 6.1k was brutal. It became a walk/run strategy as I was cramping up. I had to sprint the final kilometre to go sub 2 hours! My time was 1:59:58 a new PB! Yippeeee! I will pay for it in the morning.

So I learned a lot during my run. My nutrition intake went well. I had two bottles on Perform and three power gels. I think I may have fallen a touch behind on the fluid intake early on, not having any until after the 5k mark. I could have increased my fluids prior to the run and that would have helped some. I also think a quick walk break more frequently would assist me in not breaking down at the end. I tend to run for all I am worth while I can, then fade. I will need to change that strategy for the Ironman.

There has been good progress on the house build in Kingston. Jackie has been taking pictures a couple times a week after work and we drove up together yesterday for a look. Lots of mud everywhere of course but it is coming along. The foundation is poured and they have begun the framing. The spending of money has begun as we picked up a few new queen beds this week. Check out the pictures below!

This past week I travelled 128 kms during my training.

See you at the finish line…….


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