Crazy Weather

rain-57bb8fcf3df78c876339a4e2What a strange week of weather. Early in the week it was unseasonably warm and rainy. I can’t imagine how much snow we would have if the temperatures were a bit below zero. Yesterday was driving rain that threatened ice. Laura and I went out last night for dinner and a concert and thought the roads might not hold up until we got home. Luckily, we made it home when it was still raining. When we got up this morning there was a thick layer of ice on both the cars!

Renovations continue. I probably don’t have to say that as I think they will be never-ending. Laura has been working on the upstairs hallway. We are trying to get that completed before leaving for vacation in a week.

shutterstock_486440014.jpgI hit snooze one too many times this morning and missed swimming. Probably fortuitous as I would have never gotten the ice off the windshield in time to make it to the pool.

Training this week plodded along. I did some of all three triathlon disciplines. I also dusted off the old weight routine, but didn’t actually begin it. I did pick up some dumbbells for hoe use. Maybe this upcoming week.

Swim 4.9 kms, bike 79 kms, run 18.4 kms.

Total 102.3 kms

See you at the next finish line….


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